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The Technology

Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation is a high performance insulation system that provides improved performance for modern, high efficiency structures.

Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation systems provide a monolithic layer of insulation that combines the functions of preventing air infiltration, managing moisture intrusion, and providing resistance to heat transfer, all in one component of the building assembly. They overcome the limitations of other insulating and sealing materials by controlling airflow in the insulation material and maximizing the effectiveness of the air and thermal envelope of the structure.

Why choose us?

AES is a tier 1, professional service provider. Our employees are the backbone of our capabilities. All AES personnel are professionally trained, background checked, certified with e-verify, and protected by worker’s compensation coverage. Our team combines the knowledge of nearly a century of combined construction experience. We utilize the best techniques, equipment, and materials available in the industry with a focus on use of domestic products wherever possible. We carry a full complement of commercial insurance including general liability, automotive comprehensive, worker’s compensation, and inland marine equipment protection to protect you, the consumer, from any unforseen problems with any project.

Product Benefits

American Efficiency Solutions line of energy- efficient Spray Foam Insulation stops air leakage and infiltration from taking place. Which means you will enjoy lower utility bills, a comfortable indoor environment, and exceptional indoor air quality.


Backed by nearly 100 years of combined construction experience and a track record of quality installations, you can be assured when using AES for Spray Foam Insulation that you’re using an energy efficient product from a company you can trust.

Great Service

American Efficiency Solutions’ core values, honor family, promote a healthy lifestyle, and create energy efficient products to ensure America’s sustainable development. American Efficiency Solutions is a family-owned and operated company based in Van Alstyne, Texas

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Great service is a top priority at American Efficiency Solutions.

"5 stars from start to finish. Estimator was friendly, prompt, and explained the extensive options thoroughly. Crew arrived on time and did the job quickly and didn't make a mess. Would recommend AES to anyone looking to deal with an ethical, professional company."
Derek Box
"Love Mike & his team! You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who knows more about insulation than Mike - and he's just great to work with!"
Sheryl Powers
"Excellent customer service and friendly staff! Will recommend to everyone."
Steve Searle

North Dallas Spray Foam Insulation Company

Welcome to the premier North Dallas spray foam insulation company. We are American Efficiency Solutions, and our family-owned company provides cutting-edge, highly effective foam insulation.

Our technicians specialize in working on both newly constructed homes and providing North Dallas spray foam retrofit insulation for existing homes. American Efficiency Solutions uses industry-leading foam insulation and it is applied by SPFA-certified applicators, ensuring the job is done correctly and per manufacturer specifications.

About our foam insulation in North Dallas

Over half of the homes in the local area, and throughout the rest of the country, do not feature adequate insulation. This means that inside air is escaping while the outdoor air is coming in unregulated.

Our spray foam insulation company in North Dallas wants to eliminate the many problems that come with this issue by sealing off the entire building envelope of your home or commercial facility.

We apply our foam in liquid form, which allows it to fill in those tiny leaks that might not otherwise be detected. The foam quickly expands and hardens, allowing for an airtight seal from our North Dallas foam insulation.

Experience the many benefits of spray foam retrofit insulation in North Dallas

Whether you’re building a home, or your existing home is displaying all the tell-tale signs of poor insulation (i.e. inflated energy bills, drafty rooms, etc.), we can provide you with an application process that helps you achieve some of the following benefits.

  • First and foremost, our North Dallas spray foam insulation company can help you drastically cut down on your heating and cooling energy consumption, which allows you to cash in on significant savings.
  • The inside of your home or commercial building will be a lot more comfortable when you’re able to get this air tight seal in place. You can count on even temperatures throughout your entire building while eliminating drafts.
  • With our North Dallas spray foam retrofit insulation, you are able to reduce the dirt, toxins, moisture and allergens that enter your home. By sealing off leaks, all air must go through your air filtration system, where these impurities are removed.

This is all achieved thanks to our crews of highly trained, experienced and insured technicians. We provide high-quality work that we stand behind.

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