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Spray polyurethane foam insulation is a two component, one-to-one by volume, spray-applied rigid polyurethane foam. A low viscosity, “HIGH YIELD & NO / LOW ODOR” 2.0lb closed cell material or 0.5lb open cell material that are excellent for insulating and air sealing. They contribute to providing a self-adhering, seamless building envelope that reduces air, dust, pollution and pest infiltration.

American Efficiency Solutions line of energy- efficient Spray Foam Insulation stops air leakage and infiltration from taking place. Which means you will enjoy lower utility bills, a comfortable indoor environment, and exceptional indoor air quality.



Backed by a 40+ year track record of quality products, you can be assured when using AES’s Spray Foam Insulation that you’re using an energy efficient product you can trust.

American Efficiency Solutions’ core values, honor family, promote a healthy lifestyle, and create energy efficient products to ensure America’s sustainable development. American Efficiency Solutions is a family-owned and operated company based in Van Alstyne, Texas